Banned: NO separate area for nudists on the beach of Pirita.

The administration of the metropolitan Pirita area considered the proposal to allocate beach area for the nudists this year, but after thorough analysis and communication with various interested groups, the district government reported that nudists will not have separate place in Pirita.

"A representative of the naturists appealed to the district authority with a request to make the beach more tolerant and to allocate there separate site for the nudists. We seriously considered the offer of nudists, but unfortunately, such proposal has more minuses than pluses", - said the elder of the Pirita district Tonis Molder.

According to him, the opinion of Pirita beach visitors and residents of the area was thoroughly studied and analyzed. "The overwhelming majority still did not share this proposal. Difficulties with the allocation of a site for nudists also consist in the fact that there will certainly be a lot of people walking on the newly reconstructed beach, and unfortunately, we can`t provide any privacy at suggested territory for lovers of sunbathing naked. In addition, part of the Pirita beach at the side of Merivilya today is used by local residents, and in this case, the offended ones will be the residents of the district,"- added Molder.

In 2007 and 2008, by decision of the elder of the Pirita district, the beach area of 180 meters length and 30 meters width (between Merivilya and Piritafor) was allocated for lovers of sunbathing naked at the period from 15th of May to 15th of September.

"As history showed, this beach site attracted not only nudists, but also nefarious individualities who disturbed other beach visitors with their behavior," - explained the district elder.

"The district authority strives to ensure that the residents of Pirita and all other visitors of the beach feel most comfortable. Analyzing both the positive and negative aspects of the question, it turned out that allocating beach site for nudists is not appropriate," - Molder commented.

"We sent a proposal to the Tallinn City Council to consider the possibility of transferring Pikakari beach to the full disposal of nudists in the future. Thus, ordinary visitors could rest on the largest beaches of Tallinn - Pirita and Stromke - and the naturists had their own specific beach, where they could get tan as naked as they wish," - Molder added.

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