Lasnamae council told how to adapt a house, an entrance or an apartment for people with special needs.

On Monday, 29th of May, in the hall on the first floor of the Lasnamae authority, the traditional information meeting of apartment associations on the topic of housing adaptation for people with special needs. The event was held in Russian, similar information meeting in Estonian was held by the Lasnamae authority on Wednesday, 31th of May.

On Monday, the head of the Information Center for Environmental Adaptation of supporting goods Mare Naaber spoke for the chairmen of apartment associations at the information meeting. The main problems, which have many people with special needs in standard apartment buildings were considered at the meeting. The main obstacles to a full life are stairs, high doorsteps, difficult to open doors, narrow elevator, narrow doorways, unsuitable bathrooms and toilets.

According to Mare Naaber, consolidated project of the Republic of Estonia and the European Rehabilitation Fund will start from the fall of 2017, within which the living conditions of 2000 Estonians throughout the country, who have special needs, will be adapted by 2023. 12 million EUR are allocated for the project.

Subsidies will be allocated for the installation of ramps, lifts, installation of mechanized entrance doors, adaptation of apartments and other. It is necessary to appeal to the social department of the local council, so that all those who need such service are able to apply in time. In the future, the social worker of the government will inform them about the beginning of receiving applications.

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