New park will appear in Lasnamae.

Mariya Yufereva, - “25 years ago, at school, I was engaged in a theater studio at the cultural center of Lindakivi. Since the lessons fell on winter time, I always had a feeling that Lasnamae is a huge, boundless steppe where winds and blizzards howl, and buses run rarely.

Summer Lasnamae was associated with thedirty wasteland in stone jungle. Fortunately, over a quarter of a century the Lasnamae area transformed itself beyond recognition, and not wastelands were its calling card anymore, but well-maintained and modern parks.

At the moment there are five parks in our district. And soon there will be two more parks in the area - Priisle and Tondiraba.

Priisle Park will be set up already in the nearest future - 300 thousand EUR are envisaged in the first additional budget, which will be adopted in the coming weeks. The history of the park creation is unique for our region.

A little over a year ago, LasnaIdee activists came to the government with the initiative to create new green zone. Guys literally infected us with their enthusiasm. In cooperation with the government, meetings with local residents, who shared their ideas, were organized - what they want to see in the park next door to their own home. According to the project, behind Maxima XXX store, finally, there will be multifunctional park with a stage, sports and children's playgrounds, benches and green spaces.

At the first stage of the Tondiraba park construction, a cycle track of 1,700 meters length and a ski track were opened. During the following stages nine-hole golf field and pneumo-hall are planned to be created. Pneumo-hall also can be used for playing football. In addition, there will be playgroundsin, grounds for walking dogs and picnic areas in this park.

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