Instruction: what to do if a child can not and does not want to understand the importance of his voice in municipal elections.

Instruction on the possibilities of limiting the legal capacity of 16-17-year-old voters.

On the upcoming elections to the local government councils, which will be on 15th of October this year, the suffrage will be granted to boys and girls aged 16-17 for the first time, in accordance with the amendments.

A minor voter have to be aware of the importance of voting and the consequences of his act as an adult. If a young person is not able to do this because of his intellectual development, his parents or guardians should gain recognition of such young person being incompetent, incapacitated in terms of suffrage.

To do this, the parent or guardian have to provide an appropriate application to the court at the place of residence. If the court decides to limit the suffrage of a minor, then he is not included in the voter lists and will not be able to participate in the elections of local government on 15th of October, 2017.

If necessary, it is possible to consult on these issues at the department of social security of the district council at the place of residence.

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