Age - just numbers: Days of Grandparents will take place in the park-museum "Rocca al Mare".

They are already opened today (at 11:30) with a procession to the sounds of a brass band. At noon, the audience will be greeted by the vice mayor of Tallinn, Merike Martinson, representatives of the Union of Association of Pensioners and others.

"These Days let people meet those whom they have not seen for a long time, show that there is still blood in their veins, that age is only a number, if you do what you like, that in this case, at any age life can be interesting and bring happy positive moments, " - said Merike Martinson.

Concert follows the greetings - a dance ensemble LEE will perform in the courtyard of the farm Sassi-Jaani, which will be replaced by vocalists, musicians and amateur dancers, involving spectators in their ranks as well.

On Sunday, not only Tallinn people will perform, but also guests from Rijsiper and Pärnu. Places of their meeting with the audience will be the playground in front of the Koluskaya tavern and the farm Sassi-Jaani. All this starts at noon. And the day will end in the same way as previous: accordion, songs and dances. Handicraft tables will be arranged along the museum sidelines.

The organizers of the Days are NPO Raavis and the social centers of the district administrations of Tallinn. Tallinn, its Department of Culture, city councils financially supported this event, and a number of enterprises helped with that as well.

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