You will not regret if you come! Today there will be a holiday of Ivanova night in Kristiine

Today there will be a big holiday of the Ivanova night (Jaanipaev) at 19:00 in the Lowenruh park in the Kristiine district. There Boris Lehtlaan and Are Jama will perform, as well as the Tuulelootsutajad ensemble. In addition to that, a lot of prizes will be raffled, and at 21:30 a bonfire will be lit on the raft in the park pond.

"The celebration of Ivanova night (Summer Solstice) takes place in Kristiine for the second year in a row, so it can be said that this is becoming another good tradition of our district," said Kristiine elder Vadim Belobrovtsev, - As expected, this time you can also enjoy the concert and dance to good music. In addition, a prize lottery is waiting for everyone, and various food sellers will offer both traditional shashlik and other dishes in the park. The culmination of the evening will be unique fire, which will be lit directly on the water of the pond Lowenruh this year."

The event will last until midnight, the entrance is free for everyone. Since this is a holiday for the whole family, the park will have a large play area for children.

"In a word, take friends and relatives with you and come to Kristiine today for the holiday of the Ivanova night! - Vadim Belobrovtsev invited all people. - In addition, I advise everyone to get acquainted with the program of our summer events, organized by the Kristiine district administration, as throughout the summer there will be a variety of activities in Lowenruh Park: summer concerts, children's morning performances, training in the air. In addition, the Food Festival in Kristiine, Queen Christina's Day and the Autumn Fair are also ahead."

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