History of the coastal fortifications of Tallinn

On 27th of June, at 16:30, there will be an evening tour of the Kik-in-de-Kök Tower and the bastion, which will introduce the exhibition "Tallinn Coastal Fortifications 1710-1864".

As a result of the Northern War (1700-1721), the entire territory of Estonia was taken over by the Russian Empire. From a military point of view, Tallinn was of great importance, above all, as the forward naval base. Right after the seizure of the city in 1710, the works on the construction of the port and coastal fortifications, begun by the Swedes, were continued.

The plans were big, but in the 18th century they were not realized. One of the reasons was the creation of the port in Paldiski at the same time. There was not enough money for both projects. And only in the next century the military port was mostly rebuilt, and the shore around Tallinn was fortified. Works on the creation of the sea fortress were stopped after the Crimean War (1853-1856).

The exhibition displays the drawings of the military port, the Admiralty and coastal fortifications, pictures and graphics with their images, photographs of later time, as well as models of three large structures - the Kalaranna and the Double Battery forts, as well as the barracks town Uuslinn (Novogorodsky).

The exhibition will be opened until 15th of April, 2018.

Not recommended for children under 10 years.

Registration required: [email protected], additional information by phone. 6459626, 6446686. Gathering near the ticket office of the museum Kick-in-de-Kök and Bastions (Komandandi tee, 2).

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