Civil engagement against sewage

According to deputy elder of Lasnamae Jaanus Riibe, the month of refurbishment that has started on April 7 in Pae Park ended with very good results. More than 60 tons of garbage was collected within the refurbishment, the Lasnamae administration said in a press release.

Within the month of the refurbishment in Lasnamae, there were different events in various places. Also in April-May, a lot of actions took place in the apartment partnerships of the district, the main purpose of which was to make Lasnamae clean and greener. Numerous public events were held, including a raid on the collection of hazardous waste and old equipment.

According to deputy elder of Lasnamae Jaanus Riibe, as part of the month of refurbishment, they mainly collected garbage, ennobled parks and territories of playgrounds, benches and trash cans at public stops were cleaned. In cooperation with the Department of the Environment, flowers, which adorned the territory of the district. were planted.

"This year, within the month of the refurbishment in Lasnamae, 58.7 tons of mixed garbage and 2.3 tons of biodegradable waste were collected and removed. It is pleasant to note that Lasnamae civil associations, apartment associations and various institutions took an active part in the events of the refurbishment month," - said Jaanus Riibe, deputy elder of Lasnamae.

"The more people are involved in the refurbishment, the more residents will be aware of the ecological behavior and the less likely that in the next years there will be illegal dumps, which will be necessarily eliminated," - Riibe said.

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