More than 258 million euros came in the treasury of Tallinn in five months

258.1 million euros came in the city treasury in the five months of 2017, which is 39.4% of the amount planned for the year, excluding financing activities.

Tax revenues for five months amounted to 170.8 million euros (43.1% of the annual volume), including income from personal income tax of 151.3 million euros (42.3%) and local taxes – 5.6 million euros or 48.7%.

Economic activity of city institutions brought to the treasury 35.5 million euros, or 53.3% of the planned amount for the year. Other revenues amounted to 1,173.8 thousand euros (34.3%), subsidies from the state and from foreign sources were by 50.3 million euros (44.2%).

During the same period, the city paid 264.6 million euros, which is 38.4% of the planned annual volume. Administration payments amounted to 235.5 million euros (42.3%) from that, investments were 26.8 million euros, or 22.1% of the annual amount, payments on main loans and capital rent amounted to 2.2 million euros .

The balance of free funds in the city treasury was 55 million euros at the end of March.

Amount came_in treasury Tallinn five months
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