Police investigating packages washed ashore that could be narcotics

Locals found large quantities of what they suspected might be narcotics on a beach in Lohusalu on the north coast about 20 km west of Tallinn. The police found a large number of packages scattered across some 10 km of the coastline.

As ERR’s Aktuaalne kaamera newscast reported on Sunday evening, the contents of the packages is currently being analyzed at the Estonian Forensic Institute (EKEI) - writes err.ee.

Some 50 police officers continued with the collection of the packages over the weekend. The police used helicopters and boats to search the area as well.

The police so far hadn’t been able to identify and detain any ship or boat the packages could have originated from, Rait Pikaro, chief of the Police and Border Guard’s narcotics and organized crime division, told ERR, though of course this was one of the most important questions here.

International inquiries have already been made, the authorities are currently waiting to hear from colleagues in other countries in the Baltic Sea region if they know anything that might be connected to the packages found in Lohusalu.

Right now the police are waiting for the result of the analysis. “If it turns out to be narcotics, this would be a significant amount for Estonia that would have quite an impact on the drug statistics,” Pikaro said.

He also confirmed that there had been a few attempts to smuggle drugs into the country by boat over the past decade.

Editor: Dario Cavegn

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