School break schedule for next three years released

The Ministry of Education and Research has determined the school break schedule for the next three years to make it easier for parents to plan ahead for vacations and other activities and for schools to plan joint activities.

This is the first time the schedule has been planned so far ahead - writes

"Now it will be easier for parents to plan vacations, for teachers to plan activities outside of school as well as training, and for children's camps, organizers of recreational activities and youth centers to to plan their events," said Minister of Education and Research Mailis Reps (Center).

The system of five breaks per school year, which was first implemented nationwide for the current year, will remain in use. The addition of a fifth school break has allowed for the more even division of the school year into seven-week cycles.

While schools are by law able to shift the exact scheduling of these breaks, the ministry recommends doing so only in exceptional circumstances and justifiable cases.

School breaks


First break: Oct. 22-28

Second break: Dec. 24-Jan. 6

Third break: Feb. 25-March 3

Fourth break: April 22-28

Summer break: June 12-Aug. 31


First break: Oct. 21-27

Second break: Dec. 23-Jan. 5

Third break: Feb. 24-March 1

Fourth break: April 20-26

Summer break: June 10-Aug. 31


First break: Oct. 19-25

Second break: Dec. 23-Jan. 10

Third break: Feb. 22-March 28

Fourth break: April 19-25

Summer break: June 14-Aug. 31

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