Bill aims to link child maintenance payment to ability to pay

The ministry is also proposing an online maintenance allowance calculator, which would be available to the public.

According to reports, good examples of such calculators are already in use in Finland and Germany.

"In Finland, a child's needs as well as the abilities of both parents to support them are taken into account," Reisalu reportedly said, adding that the same thing also happens in Germany.

"Since living standards and opportunities for parents are extremely diverse in Estonia, in our opinion the maintenance allowance calculator could be used to set up as flexible of a system as needed, and examples of this from our neighbouring countries are a great model," Reinsalu is reported to have said.

The proposed amendments will also see the maintenance allowance sum being tied to the number of children, and the minimum percentage of the paying parent's net income which the parent should have after the payment has been made would also be determined.

According to the ministry, the maintenance allowance calculator would reduce the number of court cases regarding maintenance, since the parents would be able to calculate for themselves the requisite sum.

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