Summer 2018 drier, hotter, sunnier than usual, but no records set

Even though this summer has been drier, hotter and sunnier than summers in Estonia on average, no records were broken this year, the National Weather Service said.

The average air temperature this summer was 17.8° Celsius, which is 1.8° above the long-term average, which is 16°. Though this is very warm, there have been other years with similar temperatures, eg. 1972.

Though there was less precipitation and more sunshine than average, the summer of 2018 did not set any records.

The temperature extremes registered for the three-month period are interesting, however, the Estonian Environment Agency said. The highest air temperature registered this summer was 34.2° at the Tallinn-Harku weather station on 29 July, and the lowest temperature -0.1° registered in the small town of Väike-Maarja, Lääne-Viru County, on 7 June.

The driest place this summer was the coastal town of Kunda in Ida-Viru County. It had just 85 millimetres of rain, compared with the long-term average of 220 millimetres. The county town of Võru in the southeast, which gets typically gets an average 249 millimetres of rainfall in a summer, had 222 millimetres, which made it the wettest place in the country this season.

Roomassaare on Saaremaa had 1,028.8 hours of sunshine, which makes it the sunniest place in Estonia this summer. It also recorded the highest wind speed at 27.4 metres per second, on 19 June. Tartu, Estonia's second-largest city, emerged as the darkest place, with just 756.8 hours of sunshine.

Of the three summer months, June had the lowest average air temperature with 15°, and July the highest with 19.9°. August was the wettest month, with an average amount of rain of 81 millimetres.

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