12 Hacks That Will Improve Your Studying Infographic

12 Hacks That Will Improve Your Studying Infographic

The 12 Hacks That Will Improve Your Studying Infographic present a fun list of hacks that can help you improve study habits and will help you study smarter, not harder. You’ll be better prepared for tests and, as a bonus, enjoy more freedom to do what you want with GoLifeHacks.

  1. Scent
    Spray an unfamiliar scent white you’re studying and again right as you’re about to take the test. The scent will jog your memory.
  2. Gum
    A weird or different flavor of gum works the same way as an unfamiliar scent.
  3. Notes
    Before taking a test write down all the relevant information you can think of on an index card as if it were a piece of paper you were allowed to bring with you. It’s an extra writing exercise to help you remember the important things. It also serve as a nice review when it comes time for exams.
  4. Music
    When listening to hours of recorded lectures put on instrumental background MUSIC to help you focus through the boredom.
  5. Food trail
    Leave yourself a gummy bear when reading
  6. Memory
    Write down all of your formulas at the beginning of the test.
  7. Speed
    When crunched for time, listen to recorded Lectures at double speed.
  8. Fonts
    When studying, avoid when possible easy-to-read, fonts like Arial. Research has shown that Large, easy-to-read fonts are likely to be skimmed over. Information presented in a more challenging is more likely to be retained.
  9. Discipline
    Use a program to block distracting sites a on your for computer for a set period of time
  10. Documentary
    For history and anthropology classes watch a documentary on the topic
  11. Sample test
    Search on Google to find exams on the same topics
  12. Color coding
    Takes notes using different colored pens
12 Hacks That Will Improve Your Studying Infographic
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