"Cinema Club for the Elderly" project will continue its activity in November

The district councils of Põhja-Tallinn and Kesklinn decided to extend the project "Cinema Club for the Elderly" and to continue organizing free movie seances for pensioners in November, the press service of the Põhja-Tallinn administration reported.

The decision to continue to show free films for elderly residents of the districts of Põhja-Tallinn and Kesklinn is based on feedback received, also high attendance of the movie sessions is also taken into account: for example, there were more than three hundred people at the last session. According to the results of the survey conducted among the members of the cinema club, the overwhelming majority of them are satisfied with the activity of the cinema club and would like to continue the screenings. In the future, retired people would like to see modern Estonian films first of all.

The district councils notified the Commission for the Supervision of Party Financing, which is studying the activities of the "Cinema Club for the Elderly" at the request of the Social Democrat, Yaaka Yuske, about the extension of the project.

"The pilot project was a success. Hundreds of people visited the movie sessions, who are grateful for providing additional leisure opportunities and would like this opportunity to be preserved in the future. I emphasize that this project is in no way connected with the elections: none of the candidates received the opportunity to advertise himself in the framework of this project, we did not give pre-election materials to the members of the club. So the project will continue its work after a short pause in November," - said Raymond Kalyulaid, elder of Põhja-Tallinn.

According to the elder of the Kesklinn district Taavi Pukka, the elderly in the central part of the city are also very pleased with the opportunity to watch the good old films.

"The feedback received by the district government was very positive. People enjoy communication and the opportunity to enjoy the movie classics on the big screen. The fact that the film shows are held in the center of culture "Salme", ​​ is also not a problem for residents of the Kesklinn district. Many elderly people have good memories associated with this center. In autumn rainy weather, it is a good time to go to the cinema, so I am sure that the number of members of the cinema club will grow," - said Taavi Pukk.

Within the framework of the "Cinemaclub for the Elderly" project, launched in cooperation with the two regional administrations, residents of the districts of Põhja-Tallinn and Kesklinn could enjoy films from the gold fund of the Estonian movie classics once a week. All the films were provided with subtitles in Russian. In August and early September, seven free screenings took place, two screenings will be held in the second half of September.

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