The Botanical Garden invites you to the first exhibition this year

From January 27 to February 4, the exhibition "New and interesting representatives of the plant kingdom" will be held in the Tallinn Botanical Garden. For example, the exhibition will feature plants from which you can make beads or toothbrushes, according to a press release from the Botanical Garden.

According to curator of the exhibition Urmas Laansoo, the focus of the first exhibition of this year is all sorts of interesting plants with unusual properties or signs. "Visitors of the exhibition will be able to get acquainted with the fruits of balsa, cassia, Asian barringtonia, Delonix regia and many other exotic plants. Also, the exhibition will tell you about the largest and smallest trees and herbaceous plants, and also there you can find out which plant can boast of the largest leaves, and which is characterized by the smallest flowers", - Laansoo said.

One might think that a people have already thoroughly studied the plant world, but it does not cease to surprise us. "Annually up to 2000 new plant species are discovered in the world. For example, in recent years, in particular, new interesting types of coffee trees and palms were discovered - in 2017, only 16 species of previously unknown palms were described", - added the curator.

In parallel with the exhibition "New and interesting representatives of the plant kingdom", in the botanical garden there will be an exhibition of the Estonian Union of Ceramists 2017.

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