The changes of the district - a new look of Kopli lines

"As soon as weather permits, the excavator start working on the Kopli lines" - said Eiki Rump, Executive Director of Fund Ehitus OÜ. "Most likely, it will happen in April".

The developer expects to turn notorious, but located in such a beautiful and convenient place, Kopli lines to a favorable and cozy residential area. Here there will be apartment houses of two floors and higher, service establishments, trading and service enterprises. The current network of roads and cobbled pavements will be preserved, old houses will be put in order, on the beach there will be a promenade, sports and playgrounds, places for walking dogs. According to the contract with the city, the firm will construct sidewalks and create a parking lot.

Not only restored pavements will be cobbled, but also sidewalks leading to the yards. This will emphasize the historical past of the block and create a special mood. Yards will be protected by picket fences, which will stretch to the sea. This direction is given to playgrounds, recreation areas, bike parking lots and lawns.

As the vice-mayor of Tallinn Eha Võrk noted, the development of the project will be gradual, but she hopes that in a decade it will not be possible to recognize the lines. Construction will begin from the block "E", where there will be three five-storey houses for 25 apartments each. Then the work will move to the reserved block "F", where 18 three-storey, for 7 apartments each, houses will appear. The color of the old houses that are being put in order must match their time. And it should be clear without long explanations which buildings are historical and which are new.

The first house, the developer assured, will be ready on the Kopli lines at the end of this year or early next year. The whole project will cost 55-65 million euro.

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Tallinn changes district Kopli
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