Modern medical center instead of the obsolete polyclinic

In the new medical center, not only family doctors and nurses will work, but also specialist doctors, physiotherapists, midwives, dentists, home nurses, and also psychologists and psychiatric nurses.

This year, Mustamäe has received the district the modern medical center, in a maximum of three years later, the same medical institution should appear in Põhja-Tallinn, on Sõle Street, where the Kopli polyclinic is located now.

"The demolition of the old and the construction of the new center is the largest new building in our district," - says Raimond Kaljulaid, elder of Põhja-Tallinn, - "And in terms of importance, it is not inferior to the Sõle Sports Center, which crowned our efforts over the previous four years."

Anneli Karu, head of the outpatient specialized medical service of the West Tallinn Central Hospital, said that patients in the new medical center will be taken not only by family doctors and nurses, but also by specialist doctors, physiotherapists, midwives, dentists - four dental chairs are designed for this service; there will be nurse for home care, as well as psychologists and psychiatric nurses. Of course, there will be an X-ray room, UHF, ultrasound, and a laboratory. The building has a rehabilitation center and a pharmacy. The designers also thought about people with special needs. In short, Anneli Karu believes, the treatment will become more accessible and effective:

"The current building of the polyclinic is located in a very rapidly developing area, gaining popularity, especially among young families. We believe that this will attract new family doctors here, for whom vacancies will be opened in the new center."

The district council promised to help create social center and additional parking spaces near the new polyclinic.

Preparatory work for construction has already begun. The design of the building should be completed next year, and construction - to begin in 2020, so that in early 2021 the new medical center comes into operation.

For the duration of the construction, physicians working now in the Kopli polyclinic will move to temporary sites. In any case, the elder has assured, the maximum of possible comforts will be created for patients and no one will remain without medical assistance.

When planning a new center, the rapid development of Põhja-Tallinn and the growth of its population are taken into account. The city will have to simultaneously revise the public transport scheme, so that patients can easily get to the new medical center. Next to it, the regional social center is located, so the traffic in this zone will be quite intense. Neighborhood, as Kaljulaid emphasized, is not planned by chance. The social center is used by elderly people, who often have health problems. The proximity of the centers will be convenient for them.

The construction of the Kopli Medical Center is financed by the West-Tallinn Hospital with the significant participation of European structural funds.

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