State rejects Estonian World's plea for funding for this year

The Ministry of Culture has rejected the request of English-language web magazine Estonian World (EW) for support from the state to to the tune of €5,000 for the remainder of 2018. The ministry has, however, promised to seek opportunities for supporting the portal in 2019.

"Unfortunately, the support to this extent of English-language Estonian media outlets is not provided for in the agenda and budget of the government-approved Compatriots Programme for the current period," Piret Hartman, head of the Cultural Diversity Department at the Ministry of Culture, wrote in response to EW's funding request.

"As this activity is becoming increasingly important in the context of integration, the preservation of the diaspora and the introducing of Estonia, we will seek opportunities outside of the Compatriots Programme to support this activity next year," she continued. "Unfortunately, it is not possible to find a solution to your request from the Ministry of Culture's budget."

Last month, EW wrote to the Ministry of Culture requesting support from the state to the tune of €5,000 for the remainder of 2018, and another €20,000 for 2019. The alternative, the magazine wrote, is the potential closure of the site.

In the letter, EW editor-in-chief Silver Tambur admitted that the outlet was in a position in which, without financial support, EW could not continue develop or even be sustained.

''The situation is now so critical that we will be forced to put an end to EW this month if the state does not provide support," he wrote on 3 October. "EW has been in existence for six years now, but now is the moment we need help, to continue in operation."

Estonian World was founded in 2012, and carries a variety of magazine-type pieces, primarily of cultural, social and technological interest.
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