October consumer price index up 4.4% year on year

According to Statistics Estonia, the change of the consumer price index in October 2018 was 0.5% compared to September and 4.4% compared to October of the previous year. Goods were 3.7% and services 5.7% more expensive compared to October 2017, while regulated prices of goods and services increased by 9.1%, and non-regulated prices by 3.1%.

Compared to October 2017, the consumer price index was affected the most by transport, which contributed nearly a third of the total increase of the index. Some three quarters of the increase in transport cost was due to the 20.1% higher petrol price, and a 20.4% increase in the price of diesel.

Electricity, gas and other fuels contributed a fifth of the total increase. Compared to October 2017, the price of electricity that reaches homes have risen by 11.7%, that of solid fuels by 24.5%, heating energy 3.4% and gas 8.9%.

Food and non-alcoholic beverages contributed a seventh of the total increase. Compared to October 2017, among food products the biggest price increases were seen in the prices of frozen fruits and berries (26%), fresh vegetables (21%) and eggs (19%), while the biggest reported price decrease was for sugar (21%).

The previous time that the change of the consumer price index compared to the same month of the previous year was 4.4% or higher was in March 2012, when the change was also 4.4%.

Compared to September, in October the consumer price index was affected the most by transport. Diesel fuel became 7.6% more expensive, and petrol 4.1% more expensive in a month. Plane tickets bought for October were 21% more expensive than tickets bought for September.

A greater impact on the monthly change was also exerted by a 10% price drop in fruit and a 2.8% drop in electricity that reached homes. Vegetables have become 5.2% more expensive.

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Statistics Estonia consumer price index
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